The People Behind the House

David’s House is a warm and welcoming home because of the people who keep the doors open 365 days a year.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is a body of elected members who jointly oversee and steer the direction and health of David’s House. They donate their time and energy, and like all volunteers, their dedication to our mission is unshakable.

Our president emeritus is Dick Cyr, David’s father and the founder of David’s House. He is still heavily involved and passionate about our mission.


Dick Cyr – President Emeritus

Jennifer Riccio – President

Jessie Farnham – Vice President

Jennifer Buckey – Treasurer

Astrid Bradish-Hoyt – Secretary


Karen Clements

Jeremy Greeley

Janet Hutchens

Dr. Julie Kim

Lesa Knapp

Manny Paolucci

Samantha Pause

Joshua Winn


The Staff

The members of our small staff are thankful to work in an environment filled with love and grateful for all the wonderful, supportive volunteers who help make doing their job possible.

Jaye Olmstead – Executive Director –

Don Dutton – Director of Finance and Administration –

Cathy Labonte – Facility Director –

Todd Gordon – Guest and Community Relations Manager –

Paula Welch – Housekeeper –

Robin Osmer- On-Site Program Manager –