Frequently Asked Questions

Staying at David’s House

(Questions about donations and fundraising)

1. What is David’s House?

David’s House is a home-away-from-home for families who have children who are receiving care at Dartmouth Health Children’s in Lebanon, NH.

2. How much does it cost to stay at David’s House? 

There are never any fees to stay at David’s House.

3. How do I get a room?

Call (603) 643-2298 to request a room, first-time room requests are not taken by email – Please note that we do not take referrals or third-party-made room requests. After you have provided us with some basic information and complete our background check process, your name will be placed on a Room Request list for the day you wish to arrive. Staff will contact you within 24 hours of your intended stay to confirm whether or not we have a room available. Please be sure to provide us with accurate contact information.

4. How does the Room Request list work?

Because David’s House has a limited number of rooms, we have to consider all requests before assigning available rooms for a specific day. Due to the uncertainties that arise during healthcare treatment, we need to be sure that a current guest is leaving before we reassign the room. Your place on the room request list is not affected by when your request was made. We will do everything possible to accommodate your needs or work with you to find alternative arrangements in the event that the house is full.

5. I have a room, how long can I stay?

Since we do not utilize a reservation system, you are welcome to stay as long as your family has a hospital-related need for local lodging and you are abiding by the house rules.

6. How many rooms are there? Will I have my own bathroom? 

Our house has 20 bedrooms, these rooms share 11 bathrooms.

7. I can’t afford to make a donation for my stay, but my family and friends want to contribute on my behalf. Can they do that?

Yes, please ask them to include your name and your child’s name on any correspondence.

8. I don’t need a room for the night (or there are none available), can I visit as a day guest?

Day Guests can use all of our services and facilities apart from a room for the night. They are welcome to do laundry, prepare a snack or meal, use our playground, take a shower, and/or just relax. The room request process is the same as that for an overnight stay.

9. Can I cook while at David’s House?

Yes. There are two adjoining kitchens at David’s House for guests to share. Guests are welcome and encouraged to bring their own food. We provide some pantry items, breakfast foods, and snacks, as well as meals prepared by volunteers many nights of the week.

10. What are other kinds of support available at David’s House?

Along with shelter and food, we provide some toiletries, free laundry facilities, and supplies, a wide range of toys and entertainment, as well as quilts and stuffed animals for kids to take home. Our on-site program managers provide on-call emergency assistance overnight (9:PM-7:AM), and management staff are available during the day (7:AM-9:PM).

11. How can I get to the hospital from David’s House?

Families can use their own vehicles or enjoy a short walk to the medical center. The Dartmouth Health Security Department also provides courtesy rides between David’s House and the hospital.