Cooks & Bakers

Families that stay at David’s House often wish for a home-cooked meal or some yummy baked goods (that they don’t have to prepare themselves). We have seen that food is a very important, and much appreciated, part of our Guest Support Program, so are always looking for volunteers to assist us in this area. Short of providing cooks and bakers with information about guest allergies and/or sensitivities, our staff leaves the decision to the volunteer cook or baker on what to prepare (ingredient costs are reimbursed by David’s House). We do have a variety of canned goods in our pantry that we can make available to volunteers to use in their meal prep, so we always encourage volunteers to let us know what they’re thinking of preparing so we can provide items if we have them. Once you know what you would like to make please contact Todd at 603-643-2298 to learn more about our program and how to schedule a time to deliver items. We maintain an online calendar, found here, so you can see what dates are already reserved by another cook or baker. Please note that the calendar is maintained by staff, it won’t allow a volunteer to automatically schedule themselves.