Cooks & Bakers

Families that stay at David’s House often wish for a home-cooked meal or some yummy baked goods (that they don’t have to prepare themselves). As a cook or a baker, you’d choose what you’d like to prepare and create an ingredient list. Once you know what you would like to make, contact our Program Manager, Jill, to schedule and a time to come in and show off your baking skills! All cooks and bakers must complete a brief training prior to them cooking. This training can be done the day of.


Here are a few guidelines for cooking groups to keep in mind when planning to cook at David’s House:
1. Every cooking volunteer must complete the short volunteer application form *before* entering the House to cook.
Forms will be kept on file for future cooking dates.
2. Please plan on cooking for approximately 10-15 people, no more. Our refrigerator space is limited, so there is little room to store leftovers.
3. For dinners, please send in your menu at least two days ahead so that we can post it for our guests and we can notify you in a timely manner if someone in the house has a food allergy to something you’re planning to prepare. Also, if our guests know what is being prepared, it makes it easier for them to plan ahead.
4. Please plan to have dinner ready between 5:30 and 6 pm.
5. Please complete a “David’s House Cooks & Bakers Checklist” form each time you cook. These are located on the wall next to the small refrigerator. It is important that you complete this each time so that we have an accurate record of
your time spent and so that you can check off the items you are responsible for when you are finished.
6. Please don’t ever leave food actively cooking in the oven or on the stovetop.
7. Make sure oven and stovetop are both turned off before you leave.
8. Please clean up and put things away before you leave. You may ask the volunteer on duty to help you, but cleaning up is your responsibility.

Volunteer Application (download application HERE)

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